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For those who have witnessed a kid’s growth from how he or she designed funny buildings with Lego to building sand castles in the sand or even sketching his or her favorite cartoon character, you would agree with me that there are truly some gifted kids out there, who were born with the innate abilities to either be an animator or an architect. And if the saying charity begins at home is true, and then now is the perfect time to nurture your kid’s talents. Listed below are some basic 3D CAD software applications that can easily be understood and used by kids to turn dreams into reality.

Top 5 2D and 3D CAD Software for Kids

Google Sketchup:the Sketchup is known for its popularity amongst 4th and 5th graders due to its advanced tool sets—for accomplishing basic 3D modeling—,its intuitive user interface and more importantly its learning curve which is so manageable that even kids can learn how it can be used in weeks. Although the process of graphic designing, drafting and every procedure that needs the use of CAD drafting tools requires more than just a knowledge of how 3D CAD software operates, the Sketchup is still a web based software which can be used to prepare young minds for the task of becoming professional CAD users in the nearest future.

TinkerCAD:this 3D modeling tool is one that is now widely been used by high school students to have a more rounded view on the use of CAD tools. The TinkerCADis well equipped with an easy to use interface with simplified tool sets—which can be used to move, rotate, pan, zoom etc.—that can be quickly mastered by young kids. An added bonus for students who use the software is that it introduces them to the world of 3D printing and all its possibilities. The TinkerCAD is also a web based 3D CAD software.

3D Tin: unlike most web based 2D/3D drafting software applications for kids, the 3DTin includes more advanced features like importing and exporting models and a more advanced user-interface when compared to the Sketchup and TinkerCAD. This therefore makes it a more advanced 3D CAD tool to be used by high school students interested in 3D Computer aided designs. 3D Tin is a web based CAD application.

SolidSmack: as kids advance in age, so does their ability to grasp some semi-advanced 3D CAD software increases and the Solid Smack provides your kids with the opportunity to easily learn about advanced user interfaces, rendering and the likes. This web based CAD tool has some advanced tool sets and features which can be used by both kids and adult CAD amateurs to get some experience in computer aided design, before graduating to more advanced 3D platforms. SolidSmack is supported by all browser types and does not require a plugin, thus making it one of the free CAD applications on the net.

OpenSCAD:for kids interested in going into the professional field of engineering, be it mechanical, electrical or systems engineering, the OpenSCAD 3D application should be the first interface they master before advancing to more technical 3D CAD softwareplatforms. Its ability to create parametric models, execute renderings and import/export other file formats into its workspace makes it more than just an open web toy for kids.

The continuous drift by CAD developers to the production of web based tools with simple user interfaces and features makes this age one for the kids for it provides 5 year olds, 8 year olds, and 10 year olds with dedicated 3D CAD software to be used according to fulfill their dreams.

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